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Sports Lighting

From local community hockey rinks and gyms through Junior hockey all the way to the NHL – we have a program that can help your facility save money on energy and improve lighting levels. CNJ has put lights in over 20 rinks throughout Canada and with our lights have been installed in the NHL in Ottawa, AHL in Toronto and Canadian College hockey at UBC as well as outdoor sports lights – the 2015 NFL Superbowl was played under our lights.

Community rinks, pools and gym projects all have unique challenges. We have a wide array of light products to hit light levels, safety levels and budgets.

CNJ Lighting Turolight LED at Summerland RacquetIf your goal is budget – then community gym lighting upgrades can be as simple as adding our wire-guard LED Gym lighting. Available in 120 through to 347v – and with a wattage range from 83W to 166W these are great replacements for T8 and T5 systems or to change out of Metal Halide highbays. These are 94,000 hour lamps with a 5-year warranty. Induction lighting is another approach to 100,000 hour lamps that will fit a budget.



With long lamp life and very high quality light – we have good success using Induction Highbays in community arena, pool and gym areas – replacing older metal halide, HPS and T12. CNJ Lighting Solutions has had success with this type of light in rinks across Canada with over 20 installations – typically replacing older 400W Metal Halide lamps with 250W Induction will improve light levels while reducing energy costs by up to 50%.




Flex Value Series at 135 lumens per watt

Flex Value Series at 135 lumens per watt

If your goal is energy conservation – then many indoor sports venue can take advantage of the energy efficient products from Flextronics. Theses wide throw LED lamps come in two series – the Value series with 135 lumens/W or the Performance series at over 150 lumens/W will drive down energy costs!

These lamps are rated for 200,000 hours.


Throwing light across a pool offers a different set of challenges as does outdoor sports field or outdoor rink lighting. Our Ephesus LED series  offer long throw optics that can work from poles, catwalks or high ceilings.  Rated at 225,000 hours the Arena and Arena Pro series are special lights in sports lighting.

Arena 600 LED for Sports Venues

Arena 600 LED for Sports Venues

HDTV has changed how we all watch sports at home – and from a facilities perspective has added a few new twists.  Today’s sports venues that want TSN, Sportsnet or ESPN to visit must now hit high illuminance, flicker and R9 numbers. CNJ can design a lighting layout with lamps that will satisfy HDTV requirements while helping improve the fan experience at your venue.    Some recent examples:

Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa, Ontario   146 Ephesus Arena fixtures were installed. The Ephesus solution included wireless controls and the Ephesus Black Box control system. This provides instant, one-touch control to switch between different light settings as well as the ability to create unique fan experience effects. Custom lighting scenes were developed to the customer’s specifications.introducing-the-canadian-tire-centre-home-of-the-ottawa-senators--4

CNJ Lighting Solutions will help you create a customized solution with LED lighting technologies, thoughtfully engineered to provide the energy- and maintenance-saving capabilities, incredible control, and customizable features critical to the success of each scenario and every event your arena or stadium presents. For more on our Sports Lighting products – click

Engineered to deliver optimal illumination levels for players, performers and spectators alike, Ephesus LED solutions can help you control everything from the venue experience to your energy savings. Contact our lighting experts now to discuss how you can make your venue shine.

Superbowl of sports lighting


World-class lighting for your professional sporting venue — provide an incomparable experience for your team and fans whether they’re at the game or watching from home. The 2015 Superbowl was played under Stadium lights.  Bring the dynamics of the game to life with consistent and precisely delivered light that meets the stringent demands of international HDTV broadcasting, digital photography and slow-motion recording. With optimal designed-in control for both wired and wireless systems, we give you the power to use lighting as entertainment with complete flexibility to meet the different lighting needs for any professional sport. Get the Ephesus solution that will give teams, players and legions of their fans an all-around exceptional event experience.



Create dynamic lighting scenes and special effects that keep fans coming back for more. The Arena series solution delivers consistent and precisely delivered light to eliminate shadows and maintain uniformity to meet the stringent demands of HDTV broadcasting, digital photography and slow-motion recording. The modular design allows you to take on multiple applications with ease by positioning and directing light wherever you need it. Take control of your venue and transform the entire fan and player experience with a solution that embraces the action of the game.procourt image

The new Arena Pro Court is the latest breakthrough in ultra-high-performance LED lighting by Ephesus. With its new and advanced color-tuning technology and high-precision lens design, the Arena Pro Court is the single most flexible lighting solution ever created. The innovative color-tuning technology allows our lights to be easily adjusted to deliver picture perfect lighting (virtual daylight) for any and all sports and special events your arena hosts. It is fully HDTV compliant and exceeds even the high lighting standards of the NBA (including dramatic light cut-off). It’s the perfect solution for any professional, college or municipal arena.