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Residential/ Strata

CNJ is pleased to offer a wide offering of LED and Induction product suitable for Strata and Residential builds. LED hallway lighting, LED and Induction wall packs, LED recessed kits, LED ceiling lights and Induction Garage lights all will offer long lamp life and reduce energy use from conventional Metal Halide, High Pressure sodium and T12, T8 or T5 Fluorescent lights.


Long-life solutions from 94,000 hour LED or 100,000 hour Induction will have a major impact on the labour budget – as re-lamping every year will become a thing of the past.

Ultra Thin LED Recessed

Ultra Thin LED Recessed

This will impact the labour side as well as the expense side of the project as Strata teams will no longer have to budget, purchase, store and dispense light bulbs.


Energy savings is becoming more critical as we see sharp increases in hydro rates over the next few years. Typically we replace 400W of MH or HPS with less than 200W of LED or Induction while improving the light levels. 50% or more energy savings should be the expected improvement, more if we can find it!



LED or Induction Garage Lighs

Outdoor lighting we span from Induction shoebox lights for parking areas to LED wall sconces and wall packs for entrance ways. Indoor garage lighting is a specialty area and we have both Induction and LED solutions depending on the lumens requirements. Our engineering team can do a detailed light layout of your parking needs to see what product best fits.


TR Troffer

LED Hallway Troffer

Indoor lighting from hallways to stairwells to community centres – we have LED products that will fit and replace existing lighting. In particular we are replacing many T8 and T5 fixtures with 94,000 hour LED. We have a full line of 1×4, 2×2 and 2×4 LED troffer replacement as either a retrofit kit or as a complete new fixture. Accent lights, ceiling lights, indoor sconces, recessed lighting – ask for a suggestion on how our LED lineup may help your facility.