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T5 and T8 Fluorescent

LED T5 and T8 Products

We have LED replacements for both T5 and T8 fixtures.  50,000 hour plus products significant electrical savings. Replace traditional  4′ T5 fluorescent tubes with easy to install direct fit 13W or 27W LED – high CRI with 1550-3300 lumen output.

Direct Fit T5 LED  – click here

Direct Fit T8 LED – click here 

By Pass and Shatterproof T8 LED  – click here

Traditional Fluorescent Products

CNJ Lighting Solutions can also supply you with all your linear and compact fluorescent lighting needs. With a full lineup from Turolight, let CNJ Lighting Solutions be your supplier of choice. Our line up of TUROLIGHT T5 and T8 tubes meet CEE standards – have high CRI and have 30,000 hour rating.

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Tuff fix draw 2

Product Name : TUFF T5 Highbay Fixtures
Product Number :
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save 50% energy versus HID
White powder coated steel
30,000 plus hours

4-lamp and 6-lamp options
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Tuff T5 recessed image

Product Name : Tuff Linear Gullwing
Product Number : Recessed T5 office fixture
24W,40W and 54W options
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Direct or In-direct Troffer
Low Glare
Easy Installation
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Tuff T8 fixt image

Product Name : Turolight T8 Fixture
Product Number : Recessed Office T8
Use 30,000 hour 17W, 25W, 28W, 32W options

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Slim Profile
Smooth Edges
Hinged Door Diffuser
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