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CNJ Lighting Solutions is pleased to work with and support these fine product lines.


ephesus logoEphesus LED have helped set a new standard in sports venue lighting. CNJ has been pleased to support projects using Ephesus that allow HDTV standards for major and minor league sports broadcasting.  NFL,CFL, NHL, AHL, NCAA and other arenas and outdoor stadiums now are using Ephesus. For more.


flex logoFlextronics Essentials LED have reset commercial lighting efficiency with a lineup of high bay lights at either 135 lumens per watt or over 150 lumens per watt. As 1:1 replacement for older HID systems or in new installations the new Flex lineup is a solid choice. For more.


eel logoCanadian based EEL – Energy Efficient Lighting Company Ltd offers a broad LED line up from high bay to linear and retrofit solutions. Smart design coupled with Canadian production adds up to cost efficient solutions for commercial and office settings. For more.


elx logoInduction lighting has been a part of our solutions for many years and the new lineup of induction from ELX offers strong improvement in reflector design and style. Suitable for commercial, retail and public installations these 100,000 rated hour lamps offer affordable choices to other long life products. For more.


American Green TechnologyThe HRMS products from American Green Technology provide the health care industry with lighting systems that is really a proven disinfection system. This system builds a UV based disinfection system into lighting fixtures  with dramatic results in the control of key diseases. For more.



turolight logoTurolight is another of our Canadian partners. With a wide lineup of T5 & T8 LED and conventional lighting we are pleased to offer products that fit retrofit and new installations.  For more.