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Interior LED Lighting Products

In addition to the full lineup of Ephesus LED lamps for arena, commercial and outdoor applications – CNJ Lighting Solutions can supply you with an LED lamps or bulb for almost every interior application. Replace energy wasting halogen MR-16 and PAR lamps with LED. Using trusted suppliers and quality products, the benefits and features of our product line include:• Highest lumen output performance lamps
• Up to 80% energy savings compared to Halogen or Incandescent
• Extra long life, up to 40,000 hours on standard units – and over 100,000 hours with Ephesus lineup
• 3 year and 5 year warranty available on standard units –  and a 10-year warranty on Ephesus lineup
• Can be used with existing fixtures
• Compatible with most conventional transformers
• Exceptional heat dissipation
• No UV/IR radiation
• Mercury free & environmentally friendly
• Instant-on and instant bright
• High lumen maintenance
• Some models compatible with AC/DC circuits


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A19 Standard BulbMR16PAR30Candelabra and Mini Globe