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EEL -Energy Efficient Lighting LED


CNJ Lighting Solutions is pleased to introduce our new lineup of Canadian made LED lighting from Energy Efficient Lighting in Ontario. The EEL LED chip standard: LM-80 qualified  and extra long lifetime of up to 180,000 hours

Wide selection of products that fit: High Bay, Troffer, Vapor Tight, Retrofit, Stream Flow, “Silhouette” Wrap, Decorative and Outdoor

EEL offers a wide range of LED Retrofit Kits to conserve energy on conventional lighting fixtures. Our innovative LED Retrofit Kits are developed with the following four objectives: Lumen Maintenance, Rapid Installation, Fast Payback, Energy Savings

The new “eel” UltraThin is the ultimate solution for quick execution,  cost effective projects, that require less planning  and more on the spot action. Now you can place LEDs anywhere that a customer requests. Sturdy spring clips mount the UltraSlim directly to the drywall.No other recessed luminaire can come close!

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eel_VTHB_SS16W32C  EEL FLEX_STREAM_LINEAR_STRIP_SS16W31C  eel UltraThin LED Recessed Retrofit  sell sheet Gimbal  PHB    monte  tf  sell sheet  wall sconce sell sheet





To make this section easier to find product details click on one off the below categories:

Ultra Thin line of recessed lights in 4″, 6″ and 8″


Retrofit Kits – including Troffer kit, Vapor Tight kit, Strip and Recessed kits

Fixtures – including Highbay, Strip and Troffer

Ceiling and Recessed lights – including the Ultra Thin and 4″ New Construction

Wall Sconces –

Outdoor lighting – including Garage, Wall Packs, Monte Carlo series