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CNJ Documents and White Papers

White paper imageWelcome to our White Papers page! Here is a collection of papers and documents we thought interesting !  Click through the links to pull up:

Thoughts from Buildex Calgary  – click

Stadium LED Lights and wireless control systems environmental impact – click

Ephesus LED and are you ready for HD Sports Lighting – click

The Fischler Report on AHL and our Arena LED – click

Some key differences when choosing between LED and Induction. – click

A paper on addressing glare – from Ephesus – click

Flicker in LED  – Ephesus – click

Basics on how Induction lamps work. – click

A paper on LED effect on RF Cow Tag and EMC – using Altus 80W –  – click

Why consider LED? – click

Effects of debris on thermal performance – interesting report by Ephesus on LED – click

LED in milking barn – click