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Established in 2007, CNJ Lighting Solutions entered the market at a time when people were looking for solutions to their overall lighting concerns. Initially, we chose to distribute only induction lighting which is the oldest and most reliable source for area lighting ever developed. Much of our early effort was spent introducing and educating the market to the benefits of induction lighting. We are pleased that CNJ Lighting Solutions is now one of the largest suppliers of Induction lighting in Canada.

In 2012 CNJ Lighting Solutions chose to expand our product line and are now a well-diversified distributor of all energy efficient lighting products including Induction, LED and Compact Fluorescent.

The leadership Group at CNJ Lighting Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with new product solutions, consistent quality products, competitive wholesale pricing, and prompt quality service. And, with warehousing in both Western and Eastern Canada we are well positioned to better support our clients with readily available product.

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